Safe Motherhood

Safe Motherhood is a concept defines the requirements of safe and healthy care during the pregnancy, childbirth and following periods for all women. This concept is denoted by World Health Organization (WHO) and brought to the attention of the world countries in 1987. The projects and applications being held on this subject is focused on decreasing mother and child deaths and disabilities reasoned by probable complications during the pregnancy, childbirth and following periods due to the inadequacy maternity welfare services. Pregnancy, child birth and childbed are perceived as usual terms among society that they generally have no use for going under control or taking a special care. However the changes in the women’s body related to motherhood increase the risk of illness and distress both for mother and child health. Therefore, Safe Motherhood activities include the attempts of care and education services needed by women and her family during the pregnancy, childbirth and following periods.

TFP Foundation’s Safe Motherhood Mission:
TFPF (Turkish Family Health &Planning Foundation) works in order to decrease the mortality and morbidity of rates for mothers and new-borns and to enhance the health of mothers and children.

In order to achieve above mentioned goals, TFTP is working in the following areas;

  • Increasing the social sensitivity and awareness about Safe Motherhood.
  • Supporting women to seek health services for themselves and for their children during pregnancy, child birth and following periods.
  • Carrying out Educational and Consultancy programs in cooperation with Provincial Health Authorities and other Institutions to improve the scope and quality of Safe Motherhood services in the country, especially in rural areas.