Sexual Health Programme

In the broadest terms, we can describe sexuality as an individual’s physical and psychological life experiences oriented to sexual satisfaction and reproduction. As a society, our approach to sexuality is rather traditional and restricted; however, sexuality is a complex unity which has biological, psychological, social, cultural, traditional, moral, religious, anthropological and political dimensions. The first step for healthy sexuality is to take an integrated approach to all the dimensions involved. Raising the level of awareness and knowledge serves this kind of integrated approach.

In order to raise awareness and knowledge about sexuality to promote sexual health in our society, the TAP Foundation;

· gives online information and telephone counselling to promote individual access to factual information,

· gives education in schools to support children and adolescents during their sexual developmental processes

· organises seminars and workshops for parents, school counsellors and teachers in order to raise awareness of children’s needs and expectations during their stages of sexual development.

· gives training to nurses and midwives in order to advance knowledge and practice in sexual health matters among health service providers.